5 Reasons Why You're Not Getting Healthy

Do you primarily try to be healthy, but have occasional slip-ups? Do you wonder what's getting in the way? It's the holidays and it's getting colder by the minute (depending on your location) forcing our discipline to fly out the window when it comes to certain indulgences. Once you realize the mistakes you are making then it'll be easier to get back on track. Here are five major things that are getting in the way of your healthy lifestyle:

1. Comfort foods
We tend to load up on these as the temperature starts to drop. Instead, realize that you just might need to put on more layers of clothing (not fat) to keep content. Try drinking a hot cup of tea instead of coffee and snack on veggies or nuts instead of chips and cupcakes. If stress is a problem for you, read How to Avoid Stress Eating, because combating it is half the battle.

2. Smoking
This clearly doesn't apply to everyone, but did you know that smoking to lose weight is a myth...it doesn't actually work. So if that's you're reason for smoking then you should probably quit. Plus we all know what long-term effects it can have on us: cancer.

3. Drinking
A social comfort that isn't just a part of the holidays. Try limiting yourself to one or two glasses of wine or light beer and make it last (no chugging). Alcohol easily packs on unwanted pounds and dehydrates you (duh) making you more susceptible to catching a cold or the dreaded swine flu.

4. Lack of exercise
Exercising is a must for a healthy lifestyle! It's easier then you think to fit into your daily life. Don't skip out on this; you'll feel more energized and, of course, burn more calories!

5. Lack of sleep
Lastly, make sure you are getting the doctor recommended eight hours of sleep per night. WIthout it, it can cause disorientation, lack of focus and fatigue and no one wants to deal with that on a day-to-day basis!

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